Wharton County Courthouse Restoration

Restoration of the historic 19th century county courthouse in Wharton has passed a major milestone today. The original clock tower has been put back in place, and one of the most beautiful old courthouses in Texas is starting to look like its old self again.

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Texas is famous for its 19th century courthouses, and the 1889 Wharton County courthouse was one of the finest, but the clock tower was taken down in the 1930s and the building went to seed. In the 1990s, preservationists raised money to restore it, and architect Jamie Knight of Bailey Architects says they're almost finished. He says they hoisted a new tower onto the building today, with a clock just like the original, and by a phenomenal stroke of luck, the original tower bell, which was given to a Wharton church back in the 30s.

Knight says after several years of work, the end is finally in sight.

Photographs of the Wharton County courthouse restoration, and photos of other 19th century Texas courthouses can be found in above links.

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