Houston Holds Community Vigil For Sikhs


The shooting at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin left six people dead.

The Sikh religion is just 500 years old and there are an estimated 700,000 Sikhs in the United States.

Houston Mayor Annise Parker says this tragedy coming so closely after the Aurora, Colorado shooting, prompted her to call for a community vigil.

"That act of hate, act of madness, impacts so many lives. It's important for communities across the United States to come together and reflect and mourn together."

The vigil is one of several events Houston Sikhs plan to participate in this week, including a three-day prayer service starting Friday.

 Houston Councilmember Melissa Noriega says she's had an opportunity to learn about the Sikh community because one of her staff members is a practicing Sikh.

"One of the things that Sikhs embrace is the idea that they have a duty to help those who suffer unjustly. They are to not turn a blind eye to such evil, thinking that those are someone else's concern. So as a community I think it's particularly appropriate that we circle around this group."

The community vigil will begin at 6:45 tomorrow evening by the Reflection Pool outside city hall.

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