Metro Gets Funds To Help Track Repairs

As it stands right now, Metro doesn't have a central database with maintenance records for all of its assets.  But Metro CEO George Greanias says that's about to change.

"The Federal Transit Administration is very concerned that it not invest in transit agencies that in turn, don't do a good job of planning how they're going to keep things up once they've built them or bought them."

Metro is getting about 11 million dollars through a State of Good Repair grant. Greanias says they'll use some of the money to set up a monitoring system that tracks maintenance on buses and trains.  The repair database will also include information on bus shelters and transit stations.

"And that, of course,  is the first step toward planning and budgeting, so you make sure the money's there when it's time to replace that roof, or fix that driveway, or whatever you've got to worry about."

Along with the database, Metro wants to provide workers with hand-held devices so they can access information in the field.

"For example, if they're working on a bus, and they're replacing the brakes on it, they'll be able to check and see there are other things on this bus that need to be fixed too that haven't been repaired. And they can do that all that at once because they'll have immediate reference and a hand-held device."

Greanias says it will take at least a year to put together its maintenance database. 

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