Justice, EPA Announce $56 M Cleanup Deal for Malone Services Superfund Site


More than three dozen companies and government agencies joined the settlement to decontaminate the site near the shore of Galveston Bay.

The Malone Service Company operated a disposal facility on the site for waste oil and waste chemicals. Hundreds of entities sent close to half a billion gallons of waste to the site between about 1964 and 1996.

Under the deal, a group of twenty-seven companies will clean up the site. They’ll also have to pay the EPA and the State of Texas nearly $2 million towards past and future costs. Companies participating include BP, Exxon Mobil and Houston-based Marathon Oil. Additional parties that shipped waste to the site will pay federal and state trustees more than $3  million to repair damage to the surrounding ecosystems.

The settlement is subject to a thirty-day comment period and final court approval.

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