City of Galveston Lifts Boil Water Notice

The boil water notice affects more than 100,000 people living, working, and vacationing on Galveston Island, Pelican Island, and Jamaica Beach.  A random test detected the presence of E. coli in a sample taken from a residential neighborhood near Avenue M and 51st street.  Alicia Cahill with the City of Galveston says the cause of the contamination isn't clear, but it probably wasn't related to recent storms.

"Our sanitary sewer and our drinking water infrastructure is kept very separate. When we looked to see if there was any construction in the area that could have pointed to some kind of cross-contamination, we didn't come up with anything."

When there's a boil notice, water needs to be brought to a boil for at least two minutes before it's consumed.  Cahill says any ice produced by an automatic ice maker should be discarded.  It's okay to bathe or shower, so long as the water doesn't get into your mouth.  But washing dishes with the water should be avoided.

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