New Ramp Should Improve Access In East Harris County

The Texas Transportation Commission has awarded a million-dollar contract to build a new southbound exit ramp from Highway 90 to FM 2100. It's a major corridor for people in Crosby, Barrett and Highlands. 

As it stands right now if you want to get on 2100 from southbound Highway 90, you have to exit several miles ahead. 

TxDot's Danny Perez says the ramp is desperately needed in a growing area.

"There were different things that held it up. Studies, there was an environmental process that had to take place. It look a few years, but folks in the community worked together, the different entities, the different government entities in bringing this together. And then TxDot wanted to fullfill that wish and that's what we're doing out there."  

Perez says work is scheduled to start in August and should last about three months. 

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