Poll Finds Nearly Half Texas Small Businesses Back Healthcare Law

The survey conducted by advocacy group Small Business Majority found nearly half of small business owners in Texas want the healthcare reform law upheld, either as is or with minor changes. Less than 40% want the Supreme Court to overturn it.

“What was interesting is the respondents were politically diverse.”

Rhett Buttle is government affairs director for Small Business Majority.

“Fifty-two percent of them were strong Republican or claimed independent-leaning Republican, 31% of them identified as Democrat or independent-leaning Democrat, and 14% identified as independent, which is on par with small business owners across the country.”

Nearly two-thirds of those polled supported the provision of the law dealing with health insurance exchanges. That provision would allow small businesses to pool their buying power online while purchasing coverage. If the Supreme Court upholds the law, such exchanges must be up and running in all states by 2014.

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