ERCOT Urges Conservation As Triple-Digit Heat Approaches

ERCOT's Robbie Searcy says this is pre-emptive.

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"Even though the Electric Reliability Council of Texas isn't in an energy emergency situation yet, with triple digits across the state throughout the week, we are looking at very high electric demand this afternoon, and everyone can help us avoid an energy emergency by conserving between those hours of three and seven p.m. today." 


Searcy says it seemed to help last year when ERCOT asked consumers to conserve.

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"ERCOT was able to prevent rotating outages, and we think that when we got in some of those particularly tight situations, when we put out those calls to conserve, it was clear — we saw demand stop growing." 

ERCOT hopes people will once again voluntarily conserve, helping to avoid rotating outages.

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