FEMA Head Urges Small Businesses To Prepare For Hurricanes




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"Well, the big thing is, is to get a plan. Probably the one part of the economy that takes the biggest hit and has the hardest time recovering are small businesses. Too often times, after disasters, they're the ones that don't come back. And in many cases, as the economic engines for our communities, it delays and prolongs recovery. But more importantly, it means that a lot of goods and services and jobs don't come back."

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Fugate says the very survival of a small business can depend on having a plan.

"You got two options. You can have enough insurance and when the disaster happens, you're gonna cash out and you're not gonna reopen and, you know, you're good. But if you have any idea that you're gonna try to open that business back up and you don't have a plan, you gotta a pretty good chance of failure."

Event participants included the American Red Cross, Harris County Homeland Security and Emergency Management and the National Weather Service.


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