New Initiative Hopes To Interest Students In Science And Engineering Careers

The initiative is being funded by a $112,590 grant from Chevron — one of many companies interested in training a new generation of mechanical, technical and chemical engineers.

David McGeary is a digital learning specialist with the Harris County Department of Education.

"The best place for them to go, in terms of diversification, is to look for those populations that have typically been very underrepresented. And for females and minorities in general, I mean this is a good place for them to start looking for potential candidates and help fill positions that need to be filled."

McGeary and his colleagues have created content to arm teachers with tools needed to stimulate student interest, focusing on the online space ...

"... since more and more real-world applications of skills require students to be proficient in the use of technology in order to collaborate, in order to create and share content."

Fifty math and 50 science high school teachers are taking part in the STEM initiative.

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