Local Organizations Mobilize To Keep Kids Safe On Final Days Of The School Year

Project Safe Start is a collaborative effort between Houston area ministers, the Houston Police Department and school officials. Ministers and police officers will walk school grounds to dissolve any conflict that may arise between the kids. Some students feel the last day has a different set of rules for behavior says HPD’s Lt. Mattie Provost.

"Well number one, they feel like there’s not going to be any consequences because it’s the last day of school and so they can’t get expelled from school. So if they’re believing that there are no consequences, they’re more than likely to do some things that they wouldn’t do during a normal school year."

However Provost says that punishment will be carried out at the beginning of the next school year. Project Safe Start is in its 22nd year, and Provost believes having both police and ministers taking part is what really makes the difference.

"We have the police officers there in case they have to make any type of arrest, but we really use the ministers up front so that they can go in and talk to the students if they’re doing something and let them know what the consequences are and alternatives."

Ministers and officers will be at 90 schools in the Houston, Spring Branch, North Forest, Alief and Fort Bend Independent School Districts this week.

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