Comicpalooza Returns To GRB This Weekend


Celebrity guests are always among the big draws to get fans through the gates at a convention. This year’s Comicpalooza boasts George Takei of Star Trek and author Larry Niven. But founder and chairman John Simons is just as excited about this year’s corporate sponsors.

“The new ones include Best Buy and Half Price Books. And what this means is that we’re really starting to get the attention that you would expect out of a convention that is growing quickly and heading in the direction of an expo, like San Diego Comic-Con or New York Comic Con.”

Simons says what distinguishes the expo from other conventions is that expos also serve as a showcase for new products and new technologies. He says it typically takes a convention many years to attract enough interest from business to reach that stage. Attendance at Comicpalooza has doubled each of the last two years and is expected to do so again this year.


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