Registration Open For Upcoming Aussie Job Fair

It's the first-ever Aussie job fair here in Houston May 19th and 20th, with the Australian government and thirty leading companies looking to fill 650 jobs in the oil, gas and mining industries. Sandi Logan is with Australia's Department of Immigration.

"Australia is going through and will continue to enjoy a considerable resources boom in the mining, in the gas, the oil and the construction sectors. But unfortunately, we're simply not equipped with local trained, skilled workers, whether it's in the trades such as welding, or electrical, carpentry or whether it's things like project engineering or surveyors. We're not well-equipped in Australia to fill the need."

Logan says experts will also be on hand to help with work visa and relocation questions.

Potential workers first have to register and go through a screening process before they're invited to the job fair. That web address is

Officials aren't announcing the job fair location until they've screened applicants.

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