Waste Management Builds Fleet CNG Fueling Station In Conroe

The fueling station off Loop 336 is built to serve the company's local CNG fleet as well as the public. Other commercial fleets, such as transit agencies, school districts, taxis and municipalities, also have plans to refuel at the station.

Don Smith is with Waste Management.

"Waste Management expects that about 80 percent of our new collection vehicle purchases will be natural gas-powered trucks. We're going to spend in the neighborhood of $500 million per year on our fleet of heavy equipment vehicles as well as trucks that will be compressed natural gas-powered. We operate approximately 1,400 vehicles using compressed natural gas as well as LNG — liquified natural gas — in North America, which is the largest such fleet in the waste industry."

Waste Management says when compared with diesel fuel, CNG reduces particulate matter emissions by 94 percent. Plus, U.S. natural gas supplies and bulging and prices falling. The Conroe station has its grand opening this Friday.


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