New Rules For Texans To Prove Residency Before Getting Driver's License or State ID

The new rule applies to people who have never had a Texas driver's license or a state-issued ID card. 

Tom Vinger with the Department of Public Safety says applicants will need to show two documents with a name and home address demonstrating that the applicant has lived in the state for at least 30 days.

"Unexpired or recent documents including mortgage statements, voter registration card, vehicle registration, utility statements, your car insurance policy, information from the high school or college that you're going to."

People unable to provide those documents can fill out a residency affidavit.  Vinger says the new rule also applies to licensed drivers who move to Texas from another state.

"They key is, they have to surrender a valid, unexpired, out-of-state license, then the 30-day requirement is waived.  But they still have to have two documents establishing proof-of-residency."

Vinger says, besides the documents to prove residency, applicants will still need to bring something that proves their identity.  A U.S. passport by itself would suffice. Or, the combination of a birth certificate, and an original Social Security card. 

The residency requirement rule takes effect on Monday.

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