Better Data Management Increases Offshore Oil and Gas Productivity

Because of its complexity, competitiveness and scale, vast amounts of data are generated in oil and gas exploration and production.

David Haake with IBM, who works with oil companies and vendors, says increased productivity rests on better management and coordination of data. That includes proprietary data.

"What we're trying to do is make the data simply better organized and managed so that you can share the insight from the data without sharing the data and the secrets themselves. So helping them to organize it still allows them to keep close tabs on it. Again, there's so much scale to this that unless it just gets well-architected and well-organized, security's not the biggest problem — you just simply can't even combine it all and think you're gonna be able to analyze it."

Haake says analytics helps overall field and refinery performance, for better forecasting and higher quality decisions, with even small improvements making a huge difference in productivity. 

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