ERCOT Says Texas Is Better Prepared to Face Summer Heat

Some 2,000 megawatts of mothballed capacity is being brought back on line to serve summer needs. And more than 2,000 MW of wind power in the coastal region can be called upon, mainly in the late afternoon.

A megawatt of electricity can power about 200 Texas homes during periods of peak demand.

ERCOT's Warren Lasher says electric resources will be tight, but adequate.

"Consumers should expect to see calls for energy conservation on the hottest days of the summer. But at this time, we do not expect rotating outages. However, if we see extremely hot temperatures, we may need, at ERCOT, to initiate emergency procedures to maintain the reliability of the transmission grid."

Last year's hot and dry weather led to several close calls for rolling blackouts.

ERCOT's Seasonal Assessment of Resource Adequacy says this summer in Texas will be probably be warmer and drier than the 15-year historical average, but less extreme than 2011.  




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