Western Australia Beats Gulf to Claim Best Paid Oil & Gas Jobs

Working offshore in the Gulf of Mexico requires a high degree of skill and involves considerable risk. But in the end, that wasn’t enough to claim for Gulf workers the title of best-paid oil and gas contractors. That honor went to workers in Western Australia.

Tobias Read is Swift’s CEO.

“If you look at the jobs in Western Australia, they’re very high skill level and huge demand, but also there’s some very specific local restrictions, which are dictated by the Australian government to try and retain local staff, which means we can’t actually bring in expats to do these jobs. We’re reliant on a much smaller pool, and therefore the price is pushed up quite considerably.”

Project services directors in Western Australia took the number one spot, earning close to $2700 a day. Western Australia’s project managers took second place at just over $2300 a day. Project managers in the Gulf came in a close third, while wellsite geologists in the Gulf came in eighth.

Top ten jobs
graphic: Swift Worldwide Resources

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