Rare Double Organ Transplant a First for Hospital

A combination of rare events leads to a first of its kind double organ transplant at The Methodist Hospital. It all began with heart failure from a disease that is normally not so serious.

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Garry Davis is married and a father of six. He lives in Katy and is an oil field worker. He has a disease called hemocromatosis--too much iron in his blood. Normally this is managed by periodically drawing off some blood. But for Davis the disease caused a lot of damage the first time he became aware of it.

Garry Davis needed a heart and liver transplant. Garry Davis waited almost three months before he got the call that a heart and liver were available and things happened very quickly.

A double transplant like this needs four teams to make it happen. One each to harvest the heart and liver and one each to transplant them. Dr. Matthias Loebe is a transplant surgeon at The Methodist Hospital and led the heart transplant team.

Dr. John Goss lead the liver transplant team. He says studies show the new liver actually benefit the heart.

The other rare event in this story is that there were organs to be transplanted. 88,000 Americans are waiting for a lifesaving transplant, 6,000 in Texas. Everyday 17 die because no organs became available.

Like many of us Davis spent a lot of time working and providing for his family, but he says over the last four months he's been thinking about something more important.

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