March On Crime Focuses On Prevention

The campaign was created in December 1984 out of concern over violent crimes being committed in the black community, but was then expanded in 1991 to include all citizens of Houston.  

Police Chief McClelland says crime happens when there are three elements: opportunity, a victim and a suspect.

"At HPD, we put many of our resources into removing the suspect. But as a citizen, if you remove the opportunity and you also reduce the chances of yourself becoming a victim, you can reduce crime."

He says there is no greater deterrent for citizens than education, and protecting themselves and their property. This year's "March on Crime" will highlight crimes that are difficult to solve but are preventable.

Mayor Annise Parker:

"Burglary of a motor vehicle, more often than not, is a crime of opportunity that starts with a citizen, just having that little momentary lapse, and leaving something in plain view in a vehicle. But, burglaries of our homes can start in that same way. We have a responsibility as citizens, to be part of the solution to crime."

HPD officers will not only identify crime reduction initiatives, but reach out to local businesses and communities to implement
proactive measures aimed at preventing criminal incidents before they happen.

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