Rep. Green Praises Plan to Build Southern Leg of Keystone XL

The Gulf Coast Project is designed to transport crude supplies from Cushing, Oklahoma to Port Arthur and Houston. Because this section of the pipeline is entirely on U.S. soil, no Presidential Permit is required. Democratic Congressman Gene Green represents north and east Houston and Harris County.

"Cushing is kind of the holding point crude oil, and we did not have a dedicated crude oil pipeline from Cushing to the Gulf Coast. This will make that economically possible, and to bring that crude oil that's in Cushing to where the refining capacity typically is in our country, from the Mississippi River to Corpus Christi, Texas."

Green says the pipeline from Cushing, which collects crude oil produced all over the U.S., would provide local refineries with a more stable supply of fuel. Those refineries now depend heavily on imports, forcing them to pay higher prices for crude on the global spot market.

Green says a long-term solution to the supply problem depends on building the complete Keystone XL Pipeline. TransCanada has filed a fresh application for a permit to build the pipeline, which would link Houston to the Alberta tar sands.

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