Wyoming Has Better Gas Prices Than Houston

The national average was a nickel more than the price Houstonians were paying to fill up. Patrick DeHaan is senior petroleum analyst with Gas Buddy.com. He says every state except for one is reporting gasoline prices at $3 or better.

"That's right, every state in the nation — with the exception of Wyoming — are seeing average prices over $3 a gallon, and it's just a matter of time before Wyoming breaks that $3 gallon mark and in fact, some cities across the United States are now closing in on $4 a gallon, something that many other areas may see. But it may take a month or two for those areas to see $4 a gallon."

Including the change in gas prices in Houston during the past week, prices yesterday were almost .48¢ per gallon more than the same day a year ago, and about 22¢ per gallon higher than what we paid last month.

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