Veterans Counselor Quits Over False Medal Claims

Paul Arthur Schroeder of The Woodlands apologized Wednesday and resigned from the PTSD Foundation of America. Schroeder presented himself as a former Special Forces sergeant who claimed to have earned a Silver Star, a Bronze Star, and a Purple Heart.

But military personnel records at Fort Knox, Kentucky revealed Schroeder was actually a military police officer and did not earn the honors.

Geoffrey Corn is a retired lieutenant colonel with the Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps, now teaching at South Texas College of Law.

“Within the military culture itself, this is a pretty shameful act. That you would award yourself the honor that has been earned through the blood, sweat, and sacrifice of others is pretty despicable, and so I think it really put him in a compromised position where he would lack credibility with the veterans that he’s trying to help.”

The 2005 Stolen Valor Act makes lying about earning military awards a federal crime, but the law has been challenged on First Amendment grounds. The Supreme Court will hear the challenge later this month.


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