Townhomes Coming To A Neighborhood Near You

Houston's Planning Commission will hold four public meetings in each quadrant of the city, to discuss changes to Houston's
land development rules.

Brian Crimmins is a senior planner with the city. He says the new rules would allow developers to build a variety of housing styles for single-family residences.

"It's to encourage the redevelopment of perhaps obsolete commercial and multi-family areas, as well as to provide different price points and different housing stock in this area to compete with the suburbs."

Basically, it means you could see townhomes in neighborhoods where there haven't been townhomes before.

Crimmins says neighborhoods that have deed restrictions in place that prohibit the subdivision of lots would not be subject
to the new rules.

"What we're proposing is to expand the shared driveway development, so these are much smaller properties and they're a little bit denser. So they do have slight differences, but the overall product could be considered a townhome. So it's really how the property is subdivided."

All 20 members of the Planning Commission will be at each community meeting. The first meeting is at the Sunnyside Multi-Service Center on Monday at 6:30pm.


The public meetings:

Monday, February 13                                                     Thursday, February 23

Sunnyside Multi-Service Center                                        Northeast Multi-Service Center

4605 Wilmington                                                                 9720 Spaulding

Houston, TX 77051                                                              Houston, TX 77016


Thursday, March 1                                                         Thursday, March 8

Sharpstown Community Center                                       Trini Mendenhall SOSA Community Center

6600 Harbor Town Drive                                                  1414 Wirt

Houston, TX 77036                                                             Houston, TX 77055


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