Expert: Gov. Perry's Baggage Will Likely Mean No Run For Fourth Full Term

Mark Jones is chair of the political science department at Rice University.  He believes Governor Perry is picking a good time to make a public comeback.  Jones says people are generally paying more attention now to issues like state redistricting and the remaining presidential primary contests.

"So he has the ability to get back in the game more slowly and in a comfortable manner.  He doesn't have to jump back in quickly."

Jones says if Governor Perry is to govern effectively for the next three years, he needs to at least project the illusion that he may run for governor again in 2014.  But Jones doesn't expect the governor to try for a fourth full term for two reasons.  First, Perry's length of time in office may be too long, even for some of his financial supporters.

"The second is for many Republican politicians and member of the Republican leadership, they see that Perry has a lot of political baggage in that he could conceivably lose to a strong Democratic candidate in the fall of 2014.  Whereas, they could put up someone who provides them everything that Perry does, such as a Greg Abbot, with zero chance of defeat."

Jones adds that the chances of another Perry run for president in 2016 are virtually nil, regardless who wins this fall. 

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