Increase In Gasoline Prices Across Texas

Sarah Schimmer is with AAA Texas.


"The Texas average is still seven cents below the national average. Our most expensive averages in the state are in Texarkana and Dallas are $3.40. Amarillo has the least expensive average at $3.17. And here in Houston, we're looking at an average of $3.39. Houston prices went up 13 cents as well in the last week."

Schimmer with AAA Texas says there may be a couple of reasons.


"Analysts are saying this increase is likely the product of expected refinery shutdowns occurring in both the U.S. and Europe. It is getting close to that time of year where regular maintenance occurs so that this is not an unusual event. Additionally, you know, we continue to see the ongoing political tension with Iran. That's also kept upward pressure on crude oil prices. so anytime there's a potential tightening of supply, prices are going to increase."

Texans are paying about $2 more to fill up than they did last week.

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