Hiring Falls At Houston Small Businesses

The SurePayroll Small Business Scorecard shows the Houston market was more volatile than the national average over the past month.

Small business hiring in Houston fell almost 1% from December, compared to a drop of just 0.2% nationwide. On the plus side, pay at Houston smalls rose nearly 1% month-over-month. Wages were flat for the country as a whole.

Michael Alter is SurePayroll president and CEO.

“In Houston, what we are seeing is a slight pullback in the number of folks on the payroll. In doing that in an economy that is, if you will, shifting to neutral, not downshifting, what that means is the existing workforce needs to pick up the slack.”

Alter describes the numbers for January as disappointing, saying there was a lot of excitement heading into this year. He says uncertainty over the presidential election and over Europe’s debt crises are keeping many small business owners on the fence.


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