Top Antiguan Banking Regulator Testifies Against Stanford

Top Antiguan financial regulator Althea Crick took the stand Monday afternoon. Crick testified Stanford pressured her to report to him on work related to the oversight of his banking business in Antigua.

Crick said she refused, but Stanford persisted, using his influence with Antigua’s government to try to force her compliance or removal.  At one point, she returned from an off-island trip to find the prime minister had placed her office under Stanford’s control. Only after an appeal to Antigua’s attorney general was she able to get the order rescinded.

Earlier, government and defense attorneys sparred over testimony from Mark Collinsworth, a former Memphis-based analyst for Stanford Financial Group. Collinsworth appeared to bear out defense claims that Stanford’s chief financial officer, James Davis, was behind the fraud that led to the bilking of more than $7 billion from investors

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