More Bridge Repair Means More Lane Closures On I-45

Crews will conduct routine bridge work on the aging spans of I-45 starting Friday night and ending by 5 o'clock Monday morning.  During that time, at least two main lanes of the southbound side will be closed.   TxDOT's Danny Perez says the closures will involve one more lane during certain times.

"There will be a third lane that'll be closed on the overnight hours between 9pm and 10 am each day.  And then that'll continue on Sunday from 9 pm to 5 am the following morning."

The two-lane frontage road will remain open as an alternate.  Perez says the intersections will be closed to cross traffic, to minimize delays for southbound drivers.

"The lights will be green, that's why we're closing the intersections — keep it safe, and we don't have to shut them down and add to the backup, and that's going to be the alternate route."

Another alternate would be the Hardy Toll Road, which runs parallel to I-45.  Perez says this should be the last weekend for major lane closures along that stretch of the North Freeway, unless crews find more wear and tear than they expect to uncover.

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