Minority Participation in Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are a crucial step to get new medications and treatments to the general population. Some researchers want to improve the participation of minorities and underserved patients in clinical trials.

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Baylor College of Medicine, Intercultural Cancer Council and Genentech, Inc are interested in learning more about the recruitment and retention of people in clinical trials. Doctor Armin Weinberg, professor at Baylor and co-founder of the council, says more and more researchers are concerned that segments of the patient population are not fully engaged in clinical trials.

It makes it difficult to get a handle on who is participating in clinical trials. The study is focusing on cancer and asthma trials. Weinberg says both are known to impact minority communities ... who may be under-represented in the trials for new treatments.

Healthcare providers and potential clinical trial participants will be questioned for the study. One goal is to develop a pilot recrutiment model that is specific to patient groups.

After all it doesn't do much good to recruit them if they don't complete the trial. Weinberg says adequate representation is needed to better assess clinical trial results.

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