Free Job-Search Help Dec. 27-28

The global outplacement firm is suspending normal business operations today and tomorrow so its staff can provide free job-search advice to callers from across the country. John Challenger is Challenger, Gray & Christmas’ CEO.

“It’s important to advertise your job loss. If knowing the right people helps to get your foot in the door, then it’s essential that they know you’re looking for a job. But what happens is pride gets in the way. Too often, people are embarrassed to tell anyone that their out of work, and then that secrecy means that their job search slows down. The news that they’re out of work and could be looking is limited.”

Challenger says job seekers often make the mistake of putting their job search on hold around the holiday time. He says employers don’t suspend hiring just because of the holidays, and that those job seekers who keep hunting can benefit from the lack of competition.

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