Day 2: Stanford Competency Hearing

The hearing resumed with the defense calling Dr. Ralph Lilly, a neurologist specializing in traumatic brain injury. Lilly diagnosed Stanford with a major brain injury as the result of a beating Stanford suffered in a Houston jail. He said it was possible Stanford might recover with more extensive treatment, but that Stanford’s condition was such that he would be unable to assist with his own defense anytime soon.

Lilly described Stanford’s memory as being like a puzzle that had fallen to the ground and broken apart. In addition, Lilly said Stanford suffered from delusions and paranoia.

Lilly disagreed with the conclusions of federal prison doctors and psychologists that Stanford was faking amnesia. He did admit under cross-examination, though, that he was unfamiliar with e-.mails and other communication between Stanford and others following Stanford’s head injury that undercut the financier’s claims of memory loss.

The defense also called forensic psychiatrist Victor Scarano, who testified for the defense at Stanford’s previous competency hearing in January. Scarano said Stanford remained incompetent to stand trial due to traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder.

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