Greater Houston Auto Sales Down for November, But Up For 2011

Dealers in the Houston metro area sold nearly 21,000 new cars, trucks and SUV’s in November. The total represents a drop from October, when dealers sold more than 25,000 vehicles.

Wyatt Wainwright is president of the Houston Automobile Dealers Association. He says last month’s sales are more than encouraging given where things stood as recently as a year ago.

“Sales are up 22% November over November — that's 2011 vs. 2010. That’s a heck of an improvement, and dealers overall are looking to put the finishing touches on a very positive 2011 and are very optimistic going into 2012.”

Greater Houston auto dealers sold more than a quarter million vehicles for the twelve months ending November 2011. The 12-month total for auto sales peaked at 360,000 units in August 2007 then began a long decline, hitting bottom at 219,000 units in December 2009. Sales have gradually trended up since then.

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