Survey: Many Consumers Holding Out For Christmas Bargains

There are only about ten days left to shop before Christmas, but a survey conducted for by Ipsos finds that, although shopping has been healthy so far, quite a few people are holding out. The website's Kristen Remeza.

"Thirty-three percent reported that they have not done about three-quarters of their holiday shopping. So that looks to be good for the rest of the season."

Ed: "Does it mean that people are holding out for more or better bargains? What do you think?"

"Well, I think that some of those people are. About 20 percent say that they are waiting until the last minute. They're going to try and get last-minute bargains wherever they can."

But Remeza says merchants burned the past few seasons have understocked, and that's creating difficulties in finding some items. The fact that Christmas Eve is Saturday this year could mean a big last-minute shopping day. She cautions that the last day for guaranteed free shipping for online items in time for Christmas is this Friday.

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