Summer Meteor Shower Lights Up Night Sky

It's August, and as it does every year about this time, our planet Earth is passing through the tail of a comet that's also orbiting the sun. This is what causes the meteor shower that's lighting up the night skies. The shower will be visible for another two nights.

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It's called the Perseids Meteor Shower. Peggy Halford at the George Observatory says it really is a spectacular celestial event, but they're not really shooting stars.

Halford says on a reasonably clear night, it's possible to see dozens of meteors every hour.

Halford says the meteor shower reaches its peak between two and five in the morning, and it'll be visible for two more nights. For a good view it's better to get out of the city away from all the light pollution, and that's why the George Observatory will stay open all night tonight.

The George Observatory is at Brazos Bend State Park in Fort Bend County.

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