Seven Character Vanity Plates Available Again

Until earlier this year, Texas only allowed 6-character vanity plates. Since opening up the market for 7-character combinations, the state has sold 68,000 of the plates and raised $6.2 million for the state's general fund. For the next seven days, vehicle owners can secure their 7-character combinations at This is the company's  Kim Drummond.

"Before, specialty license plates might be for somebody like a car connoisseur, right? They customize their car and they go to car shows and that kind of thing. Or people move from other states where they're really popular. But Texas had not really caught on to that. And so even getting 2-percent of all drivers could result in a lot of revenue for our state." 

The plates aren't cheap; they cost $395 for one year, $695 for five years and $795 for ten years. Drummond says there's a good
chance the more common 7-character combinations are already taken.

"So if somebody got that magic 7-character combination you wanted, you need to start trying your different plate speak spelling, you know how people will use different phonetics, or use numbers for letters and that sort of thing. So you type it in and once you find one that's available, you choose what background it's on, enter your billing information. You don't need any vehicle information at this time. When you go pick it up at the county tax office three weeks from now, that's when you tell them what car you're going to put it on."
Only about 1-percent of Texas drivers have personalized license plates. The state is also now allowing more background options for license plates, with 32 variations available for the 7-character variety. 

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