Texans' Mario Williams Supports HPD With Large Donation

In 2006 Mario Williams was the Houston Texans number one draft pick and signed a six-year contract worth $54 million. With that kind of money, Williams would likely never need to work again, but that hasn’t stopped him from planning for a career after football.

"Football is not forever. I hope it’s close to forever, but you know one day it’s going to end for everybody. So you always got to have a Plan B and know what you want to do with it and (football is) just my passion, after that would be law enforcement."

Williams says he’s always been interested in law enforcement. And with the Houston Police Department taking budget hits, Williams decided to donate five new cars to the department — and not the cheap ones. These are the new sleek, fast Camaros.

This is Chief Charles McClelland:

"These five 2011 Camaros will increase capabilities of the Houston Police Department to address speeding, aggressive drivers and insure the safety of the motoring public."

McClelland says Williams may be a superstar on the football field, but for a while now, he’s just been one of the guys: coming in on his off time to hang out with officers and learn the trade.

"He does frequent ride-alongs with some of our traffic enforcement, our radar enforcement officers. But he’s not ready to sign up to be a Houston Police officer, because he knows there’s a big difference in those pay checks."

Mario Williams is currently done for the season, after tearing a chest muscle. He was asked if one day he’ll be wearing a police uniform instead of a football one:

"Can’t tell you, I might be undercover man, can’t tell you that."


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