Local Protestors Say They're Not Leaving Park

(Sounds from Oakland arrests).

Oakland police fired tear gas into a crowd of protestors Tuesday night after they refused to vacate a park they’d been camping out in as part of the Occupy Wall Street movement. On the tape you can hear protestors shouting curse words and yelling at police before getting arrested.

Denny Needham of Houston says that won’t happen here.

"We take pride here in Houston, Occupy Houston, that we have not had one ticket or one arrest in our whole movement and we are trying to exercise that and keep it going."

Needham and a small group of others are camping out in Tranquility Park across from City Hall, despite a city ordinance that prohibits it.

This is Occupy member Carlos Viallobos:

 ""How long do we plan to stay here? As long as it takes. Look at Oakland they got raided at five in the morning and they’re back there again. They just tweeted today, we’ll be back, and tomorrow we’ll be back, and they next day we’ll be back."

 I asked both men what their goal was. What would have to happen for them to leave the park. 

First Needham and them Villalobos again:

"The people need to have the power. The people need to get together and have the power. The government doesn’t need to be able to have control or say so."

"What we want is them out of our government. We want our government to have the people at their best interest."

Occupy Houston members say the mayor is letting them remain in the park for now, but how much longer remains to be seen.


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