Early Voting Begins For November Election

Rice University Political Science Professor Bob Stein says he's not expecting a big rush to the polls this year as Mayor Annise Parker makes a bid for another term in office.

"Well, I think the excitement was over in September when the mayor found out that she didn't have a strong, incredible, opponant who was well-financed. Some would say the election was on September 6th when the filing date occured.  And a mayoral campaign drives, to a large extent, voters to the polls." 

Stein is expecting less than a 20% turnout. He says early voting numbers will give some indication as to how things will go on election day.

Voters here in Houston and around the state are also asked to decide on 10 proposed constitutional amendments. Most of those amendments deal with bonds and ad valorem taxes. 

There's also another amendment that would allow the governor to grant pardons to those who successfully complete a term of deferred adjudication with community supervision. Rich Parsons is with the Secretary of State's office.

"They were all amendments as passed by the Texas Legislature earlier this year and it's an opportunity for Texans to have a voice in any potential changes to our constitution. It's an open, transparent process."

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