United Continental Hikes Fares

holiday planeUnited Continental is raising one-way fares by $4 to $10 across most of its U.S. routes. That matches fare hikes Delta announced on Tuesday. It’s the first widespread fare increase attempt since August and the seventeenth try this year.

Tom Parsons is CEO of BestFares.com.

“The ones that usually get hit with fare hikes are those business travelers or maybe bereavement fares or compassionate fares, where people have to take off within one to seven days from the date of making the reservations.”

The increase may not stick. Airlines often roll back fare hikes if competitors don’t match them. A recent attempt to raise hikes in smaller cities met resistance.

The current fare hikes come as airlines begin reporting third-quarter financial results. United Continental will announce its third-quarter results a week from today.


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