UH Hilton To Host US-China Career Forum Saturday

US-China Culture ExchangeThe forum is aimed primarily at the more than 7000 Chinese students and alumni in the Greater Houston area. But with US unemployment and Chinese economic growth both hovering around 9%, the dynamic is shifting.

J.P. Li is the president of the US-China Culture Exchange Foundation.

“This year, we’re also expecting a small amount of American students who are coming, maybe interested to work in China, getting to know about Chinese culture, and also maybe start their own venture in China, too.”

To that end, organizers have broadened the range of networking opportunities for attendees. Confirmed guests include not only representatives from local businesses, such as MD Anderson Cancer Center and ConocoPhillips, but also a delegation from more than a dozen private and public Chinese companies.

The 3rd Annual Greater Houston Area Career Development & Entrepreneurship Forum will take place at the Hilton University of Houston, Saturday, October 22nd. To register for the forum, visit www.us-ccef.org.

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