Waste Management Partners With Recycle Rewards

recycleWaste Management is joining forces with Recycle Rewards, Inc., a New York-based firm whose Recyclebank subsidiary operates rewards-for-recycling programs in three hundred communities across the U.S. and the United Kingdom.

Paul Pistono is Waste Management’s vice president of public sector solutions.

“What this is going to enable Waste Management to do is to really go out and offer another service to our customers to really increase recycling rates and divert waste away from landfills in order to do the right thing for the environment.”

Pistono says one of the main benefits of the venture will be to educate people on what not to throw away. He says customers will often toss out items such as pizza boxes, juice boxes and plastic bottles, not realizing they can be recycled.

The partnership will let Waste Management customers earn points based on how much they recycle. Customers will then be able to cash in points for coupons for packaged goods, restaurants, movie theaters, and local businesses.


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