Houston Sees Big Drop In Amount Of Water Pumped

Roberto Medina is with the City of Houston's Public Works and Engineering Department.  He says, over the last few weeks, there's been about a 20 percent drop in the daily amount of water the city has delivered into the system.

"It was hovering just over 670 million gallons per day as of mid-September.  And, as of early October, it was just over 500 million gallons per day."

In August, the city enacted restrictions which limited lawn watering to twice per week.  Medina says that may have lead people to be resigned to the inevitable.

"(It) looks like either citizens either are satisfied with their lawn conditions, or have just completely given up on maintaining good lawns."

But Medina says the reduction in water consumption can't be attributed to any 'one' reason.  Another factor was a rash of water line breaks caused by the drought.  Repair crews have managed to cut the number of breaks from more than a thousand last month, to fewer than 300 today. 


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