Homeowners Protest Plans for I-45

A coalition of home and property owners along Interstate 45 north of downtown is calling on Houston City Council to reject the state's plans to widen the freeway in their part of town. They says it's a major quality of life issue for them, and the entire city.

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TXDOT is proposing to widen I-45 out to 12 lanes from downtown Houston to Conroe in Montgomery County. The I-45 Coalition represents nearly 100,000 residents in neighborhoods on both sides of the freeway between downtown and the North Loop 610, and spokeswoman Robin Holzer says they don't want it.

Holzer says TXDOT wants to do to I-45 the same thing it's now doing to the I-10 Katy Freeway, which it's widening to 14 lanes at a cost of several billion dollars, and the loss of many homes and businesses in the wider right of way. Holzer and leaders of the I-45 Coalition called on Houston City Council today to use its voice in state highway planning to force TXDOT to rethink the project, and look for alternatives to destroying some of the city's oldest neighborhoods.

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