Small Business Hiring Flat For Year To Date

medical flatlineSurePayroll is reporting that hiring at Houston small businesses is flat for the first eight months of the year. That compares to a 3% drop nationwide. 

The online payroll services firm also says that pay at Houston small businesses is up about 3% since January. That’s against a slight drop in pay for the U.S. as a whole.

SurePayroll president Michael Alter.

“When the pay is going up but the workforce is staying stagnant, what you’re seeing is people have rebounded a little bit and they’ve had enough strength and stability in their businesses that they’re [sic.] increased the hours that their existing workers are working. That’s a positive sign, which means right now Houston is off the bottom and sort of starting to head up a little bit, although certainly not at a growth trajectory that anybody is thrilled about.”

SurePayroll’s monthly Small Business Scorecard tracks data from the thirty-five largest U.S. metro areas. Orlando has seen the strongest growth in hiring for the year to date at more than 5%. Worst off is Sacramento, down 12%.

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