Online School Promises Easier Transfer Of Credits To Four-Year Colleges

One of the problems students of online schools often run into is the inability to have their work recognized when they're ready to make the move to a larger university.  Altius Education has partnered with nearly 100 institutions across the country to accept transfer credits from its online courses.  Altius CEO Paul Freedman says some of  those schools are right here.

"University of Houston Downtown and Texas Woman's University — where they can take the credits that they've earned from us, transfer to those institutions, and complete their degrees in four years."

Anyone with a high school diploma and a GPA of 1.9 or better will be considered for acceptance.  A team of coaches will guide students through the admissions process.  And Freedman says students get several chances every year to enroll.

"We have classes starting soon, in August.  But if people aren't ready now, we have classes starting again in October, in January, in March, and May.  We have terms that start every two months.  Now is always the time to really get back into education."

Freedman says Altius is a regionally accredited program.  That means students can apply for all sorts of financial aid.

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