Polluter To Pay $3 Million And Closes The Door On Business

US Oil Recovery, its chief operating officer, Klaus Genssler, and several related entities were found to have operated an illegal hazardous waste processing and oil recycling facility in Pasadena on North Richey Road.

Rock Owens is manager of the environmental group at the Harris County Attorney’s office.

“This facility was a site where waste was taken by much larger companies and disposed of illegally, and those companies are now part of a Superfund action that’s been brought by the federal government to clean up the site, brought about as a result of our case. And so the overall significance is that the site will be cleaned up, some of our expenses will be paid back as part of the penalties, and Mr. Genssler won’t be out there at the site to do any more harm to Harris County and its residents.”

In addition to closing the company and paying the penalties, Genssler has agreed to a permanent injunction barring him from the hazardous waste disposal and processing business in Texas for the rest of his life. 

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