"I Hit the Wrong Button"

Pictures showed the gravel truck's trailer leaning against the overhead beam that holds up the exit sign on I-45 North at Airline. The cab of the big rig separated from the trailer and came to a stop.

Danny Perez is a spokesman for the Texas Department of Transportation.

"(The) sign (on the) bridge was severely damaged, and it had to be taken down that evening and the freeway was opened about 1am. But it was an estimated cost of about a hundred thousand, and we're looking to get that back from either the company or the insurance company that represents the business."

Perez says no one was injured in the mishap, but traffic was a mess late Tuesday afternoon. Investigators say the driver of the rig told them he wasn't familiar with the vehicle and he hit the wrong button that caused the trailer to rise and hit the freeway sign overhead.

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