There Will Be a Football Season

The lockout began last spring and no one knew for sure how long it would last.  Would the NFL actually cancel games?  Perhaps the entire season?

Every time the Texans play a football game, Anthony Wegmann hears the sounds of the cash register at Lucky's Pub, which he owns. Located not far from Minute Maid Park, Lucky's is a popular spot for watching the games.

"It would have affected our business a lot.  We do a lot of stuff around the Texans games.  We actually do tailgating parties on all their away games, when people can't tailgate are Reliant, so we actually close our parking lot to do tailgate stuff out in our parking lot, so that would have been huge to miss all that."

Wegmann stood to lose so much he joined other businesses in a lawsuit against the NFL, saying the lockout was bad for business.  But he says all is forgiven now and he just can't wait for them to get back on the field.

"I haven't heard if all the preseason is gonna happen for the Texans.  I don't know if that first game is going or not, but hopefully it is because even that is good business for us."

As I interviewed Wegmann on this Monday afternoon, the bar was noticeably empty.  That won't happen once the season starts as Lucky's and other sports bars will likely be packed for what has now become an American tradition during the fall...Monday Night Football.

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