How Pay In Houston Compares

thinking about moneyThe report provides a snapshot of pay across Greater Houston for May of last year. It finds the mean wage for all occupations was $22.26 an hour, about 4% above the national average. Houston wages were above average in 11 of 22 major occupational groups, notably in engineering.

Cheryl Abbot is a regional economist with the Dallas BLS office.

“You’ve got a lot of specialization in the engineering area. That’s the group with the highest wage premium. It’s better than 20% above the national average.”

Nuclear and petroleum engineers lead the category, with hourly wages of more than $65.00. 

At the other end of the spectrum are construction jobs. Abbot says these tend to pay considerably less than average, not only in Houston but across the Southwest.

“I’d have to assume that a large part of that is due to union membership in other areas of the country — up in the North and the East, Great Lakes, out west, number of spots.”

Houston construction wages averaged just over $16.00an hour, more than $2.50 below the national average.

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